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JAMESONs of Woods Gap
and their Scottish Forebears, by Edna Barney

Jarman's Gap, Virginia, April 1981 The JAMESONs have a strong passion for learning,
and as a family cherish their gentleness of blood as of great value.

I trace my ancestry back to these early Scots-Irish JAMESONs of Albemarle County, Virginia through my mother's Via forebears. She was born in the same area where the JAMESONs pioneered. Her grandfather's great grandparents were William and Mary Via, who lived on the north side of Pigeon Top Mountain. William Via's family had come west to Albemarle from the lower counties of Virginia, but Mollie's family were Scots-Irish who had travelled down the Valley of Virginia from Pennsylvania and crossed the Blue Ridge into Albemarle. Mollie's parents were Thomas and Jane Craig. Jane was a JAMESON and when her father, John JAMESON, came among the group of Scots-Irish Presbyterian pioneers of 1734, she was probably with them as a young child.

The old Irish tune is Susanne's Harp.

JAMESON ~ The JAMESONs were settled at an early day on Moorman’s River, both above and below Whitehall. John JAMESON took out a patent for land on the north side of that stream in 1741, and Samuel, his brother or son, on the branches of Spring Creek in 1747. In 1765 Samuel purchased the land in the old Woods Gap from Archibald Woods, who had entered it in 1756. His son Alexander sold it in 1809 to David Stephenson of Augusta. Samuel died in 1788. He and his wife Jean had nine children, four of whom were Alexander, Thomas, John and Samuel. Samuel Jr., died about 1805. His wife’s name was Margaret, and his children were Hannah, the wife of William Harris, Jane, the wife of William Maupin, Elizabeth, the wife of a Harris, Catharine, the wife of Nathan Mills, Mary, the wife of Nehemiah Birckhead, William and Samuel. Some of the sons of this family were mighty hunters, as is manifest from their frequent reports of wolf scalps to the County Court. (from History Of Albemarle County, Virginia, by Reverend Edgar Woods, page 234)

This image is of the vicinity of Jarman's Gap, Virginia, April 1981. In the days of the Jamesons and Michael Woods it was called Woods Gap.

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"JAMESONS of Woods Gap" (PDF Unavailable*)

*"JAMESONS of Woods Gap" was a ©Copyright book of family history by Edna Barney, originally uploaded by me to this website in 2003. The "We Relate" website, with total disregard for my intellectual property rights (my writings), without my permission, copied and published my entire book of individual stories that was here, word for word, to its own web site. In addition, the "We Relate" site published my book as virtually a public domain document, with new "Creative Commons - Share-Alike" licensing which gives permission to anyone to publish it elsewhere, without any permission from the author. For this reason, I have removed my Jameson family history from this site, my own site, hoping to someday find time to publish it elsewhere, in a more personally rewarding environment.

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"JAMESONs of Woods Gap"
written by Edna Barney, 2003.

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